Interview: Wild Pink

Wild Pink is Dan Keegan (drums), John Ross (vocals / guitar), and TC Brownell (bass). Lauren checks in with John before the show at Old Quarter on March 14th with Houston’s VODI and Galveston’s EL LAGO. John and the band will also be playing at Nightingale Room in Houston with EL LAGO on March 16th. Photo: Andrew Dominguez

Lauren: I believe you heard about Galveston through Hypoluxo. We hosted them back in October, and I saw that you joined them for the East Coast portion of that tour. How do you know each other and what was it like being on the road together?

John: We toured with Hypoluxo down the East Coast in October after they released their sweet new record. We met in New York through a mutual friend.

Like Hypoluxo, you relocated from Florida to New York. How long have you been in New York? What inspired that move?

I’ve been living in New York for about 8 years, almost as long as I’ve lived in Florida. I moved to New York to write music for film and television.

Our printer, Dan Schmahl—who, funny enough, knows you from his Tallahassee days—filled me in on some of your past projects. Can you outline those a little?

I played in a couple bands when I lived there. Good Morning, Engineer was the most recent one. Hi Dan!

Wild Pink has released a couple of EPs—Good Life and 4 Songs—but the debut album is actually coming out on February 24th. Where did you record the album and who did you work with? How was that experience?

We recorded with Justin Pizzoferrato in Easthampton, Massachusetts. We hope

to do the next record with him, too. He’s the best.

How do you make the decision to go with an EP or a full-length? Do the songs present themselves in a certain way, or is it more pragmatic—laying the groundwork with the first couple of releases?

4 Songs were just extra songs we had leftover from recording the full length.

Have you been to most of the cities

on this tour? Have you ever been to Texas before?

We’ve been playing shows along a similar route for the last year and a half, so we have been to a lot of these cities. We love Texas though we haven’t played Galveston yet.

What are some of your favorite places in New York?

My apartment. Matt Torrey’s and Carmine’s Pizza.

Who did the artwork for the full-length album? Why did it seem to fit the feel of the album?

Nick Nazmi painted it. Check out some more of his art at / @ghostboats

Wild Pink will be pressed on lavender vinyl, but I saw that the mailorder-exclusive will be “Americana,” which looks kind of like a textured red. What else will you be bringing along on the tour?

We’ll have both colors, plus CDs, and

4 Songs on cassette.

Tell me about Strange Gaits, your other project that is currently active. Do you have any upcoming music releases in the works?

Strange Gaits is ambient country music and the debut full length, Bridge Music, is coming out soon!

You stay really busy! What else are you up to these days?

I’m writing songs for the next Wild Pink full length. I’d like to start mixing records for bands too.


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3/14 at Old Quarter with VODI and EL LAGO

The self-titled debut album from Wild Pink will be released on vinyl by Tiny Engines on February 24th. Photo: Wild Pink