Listening Guide

“Pointless” by Ruiners (Houston, TX)


After half a minute of ambient noise, “Pointless” hits the ground running. Shan’s vocal is angsty but hooky even before Hayden jumps in, amping the energy up with vocals that ping-pong off each other. You’ll be bouncing off the walls, too, when you catch Ruiners live on July 1st at the VFW. See back calendar for more details.


“Darkening” by Julia Lucille (Austin, TX)


Rising out of eerie whistling, “Darkening” rolls in on a snare, then staggers through off-set chords and gorgeous, otherworldly harmonies. The music video by Jordan Moser, set in the Texas Hill Country, is equally haunting. See Julia live with a full band on July 22nd at Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe.