Listening Guide

“I Saw You” by Outer Spaces (Baltimore, MD)

The opening track of the debut full-length sets the tone—natural and direct—for the rest of the album. The crunch of distortion on Cara Beth Satalino’s guitar is beautifiully balanced by the keys and the uncluttered drumming style. Her vocals have an honesty, a feeling like she’s telling it to you straight even when the lyrics are abstract. See them on August 1st at Old Quarter.

“Be Your Man” by Flower Graves (Houston, TX)

Right off the bat, the organ on “Be Your Man” is a sonic homage to the 60s. The reference feels like it was born whole—as if straight from the pile of musty records in frontman Mikey Drag’s collection. When he isn’t spinning 45s in Houston, you can trust Flower Graves to take you back. See them in Galveston on September 8th at Old Quarter.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Flower Graves was unable to play, and Mind Shrine will be headlining the show with the Share Fire and India Tigers in Texas on the bill. Listen to the new single from Mind Shrine below.