Listening Guide

“Goodbye” by Mind Shrine (Houston, TX)

The first single from Mind Shrine intrigues your ear with a tight bass and drum intro, just seconds before the song expands. When Krystina’s vocal comes in, it’s hard not to be completely hooked by the first verse. The impressive guitar work somehow comes across as effortless and serves the easygoing feel of the song. Definitely keep an ey


“Fading Out” by Mojave Red (Houston, TX)

The trippy, multi-tracked vocals on Mojave Red’s new single feel carefree, but there might just be a jarring edge to the beat; the lyrics reference a slightly disjointed urban nightlife. The lightning guitar work on “Fading Out” also reflects the fevered energy of Mojave Red’s live sets of late. Check it out for yourself on October 8th when they join Mike Drew and MIEARS at SENPAI’s.