Update from the Editors

WAKE member Dan Schmahl (Super Hit Press) snapped this photo of past zines and event posters. Looking ahead, Lauren and Jorja share the latest news regarding Galveston's monthly music zine and the DIY collective behind it. We also invite you to join us at the Idea Fund reception on January 24th! Photo: Dan Schmahl

Even as we dutifully submitted a budget, proposal, and work samples, winning a grant from the Idea Fund felt totally out of our range. What were the chances that a music-focused zine outside of Houston would make the cut? Even so—and with “Go big or go home!” as our mantra—we applied for the highest level of funding, the $7000 “Stimulus” grant­.

Well, it happened! We can now cordially invite you to join WAKE at the Reception for Round 9 Recipients on January 24th! The reception will begin at 6:30pm at the Aurora Picture Show in Houston. We will be joining the other recipients—including fellow islander Nick Barbee­—in giving fast-paced presentations about our projects. 

We have already felt the difference in one way. Applying and winning an Idea Fund grant as a collective made us realize... hey, we are a collective! In 2016, Wake the Zine grew so quickly and organically that the change was almost too seamless to notice. After only one year, the zine has morphed from a solo effort to over a dozen volunteers working together on zines and local DIY music events.

The core group of WAKE collaborators now includes Lauren Eddy, Jorja Montgomery, Michael Stuart Allison, Dan Schmahl, Grant Loomis, Lisa Gulesserian, Natalie Villarreal, and Julian Jimenez. Many more have volunteered when extra hands were needed. Special thanks goes out to Ryan Eckert, Victoria Uribe, Maurine Nichols, David Feil, Mel Mo’Black, Kevin Barnes, Alex Buzo, Andrew Maxwell-Parish, Hanna Gonzales, Jaron Hall, and more!

In 2016, we also transitioned to the support of local sponsors and donors. We would especially like to thank 3rd Coast Kombucha, Affaire D’Art, Galveston Artist Residency, Galveston’s Own Farmers Market, and Jim and Mary Bratton!

For 2017, our plan is two-fold. The first part is to hold steady on what we already do. We will continue making 300 free monthly zines and organizing DIY shows in Galveston.

In keeping with our off-line vibe, we will also be continuing the free text-based alerts for our events and issue releases. Here’s how to sign up if you haven’t already:

For the “hold steady” part of the plan, the Idea Fund grant will be funding tools (like InDesign) and supplies (such as cover paper and staples). It will also go toward compensating the core staff and other labor, such as the artists behind the zine cover art. Additionally, we will be able to fund refreshments for the volunteers who fold and staple each copy of the zine by hand.

The second part of our plan for 2017 involves a large event in November. Our first anniversary bash was super fun (thanks to Crushed Out and the Phantom Royals), and we have big plans for the next one!

In the spirit of WAKE, the event—which we are calling “Wake Fest” for now—will feature both music and zines. While our focus is still on up-and-coming bands, we hope to bring in some surprises for the lineup!

Wake Fest will also include zine makers from Galveston and the greater Houston area. Related events and programming, such as workshops and specials shows, are in the works. That said, the main event will be totally free and open to the public!

Part of the funding for the event will go toward compensating bands and labor related to the event. For example, local artists will be commissioned to design a commemorative poster for Wake Fest, as well as a shirt design for Wake the Zine.

Part of the special energy of Wake the Zine and WAKE shows comes from the volunteer-driven practices of the collective. Being nomadic and DIY has its challenges, but covering many of our out-of-pocket expenses through sponsorship and the grant goes a long way toward relieving the personal financial strain we experience.

While we are super excited about the grant, our sponsors and personal donors are still the backbone of the zine. Through this support, we have steady income to pay for printing costs on a monthly basis. Our local sponsors are also entities we believe in. They have never sought to influence our content in any way, and we share similar values—and a commitment to Galveston.

We also want to thank YOU for picking up the zine, being a part of the Galveston music scene, and loyally coming out to shows! Paying the cover at shows and being a warm and supportive audience helps draw bands to Galveston. WAKE and Wake the Zine would not be here without you!!!